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Aber Gazzi is a British, who is now based Milan. She create and produce in her small studio in Milan. They all Handmade with love.

Aber Gazzi is huge believer of human rights. All her creations always speaks or inspiered by  Human-rights. 

Aber Gazzi is a creator who studies People from different sizes and heights and the way they look at life, what they have in their thoughts, but most of all their body language. That’s how she gets most of her influences.

She believes that one’s body ought to control a garment instead of the other way around. That’s how she cearte most of the shapes of her garments, pushing the wearer to control it or hang it as an art piece. Each piece has it story to tell and the wear gives it the soul to bring it alive. 

Also Aber Gazzi's  handmade T-shirts. they are Called T-Gazzi [ T  means present and future] Each copy of design looks slighty unique then the other. There for You always have one of a kind T-Gazzi.

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